Early Career Medical Research Grants Program

L to R: Dr Paul, Dr Badurdeen, Dr Garnish, Dr Morgan, Dr Horton, Dr Tran, Dr Goncalves Anversa

Early Career Medical Research Grant | aPPLICATIONS CLOSED 

More information can be found in our Early Career Medical Research Grant Guidelines and FAQs. For examples of successful grant applications please click here to view our Early Career Research grant recipients from previous years. The program was on hold in 2020 due to COVID 19.

The aim of this program is to strengthen research capability in Victoria to conduct world-class research in health and well-being by helping establish the careers of talented young scientists.

The Foundation seeks to help support early-career researchers to demonstrate their scientific originality and their capacity to complete, relatively independently, a discrete study for publication in scientific literature.

The Foundation intends these grants to assist talented young researchers to build a CV that enables them later to compete successfully for research positions and research grants, and to establish the foundation of a career in research. Grants of up to $75,000 a year for one or two years are available. This grant is aimed at research relevant to the understanding the causation, prevention, detection, treatment and palliation of conditions affecting the health and well-being of populations or population groups.

Applications for the Jack Brockhoff Foundation Early Career Medical Research Grants will only be considered from research scientists with less than 3 research-active years after successfully completing their PhD examination. (Research-active means time engaged in full-time research). Please note that applicants must have an approved PhD before submitting an application. Applicants must also be employed by an NHMRC Approved Administering Institution to be eligible.

The James Guest Memorial Jack Brockhoff Foundation Medical Scholarship

In 2015, in memory of the Foundation’s much loved and respected Patron Dr James Guest, a residential scholarship was instituted at Trinity College for students studying medicine or biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. The scholarship is awarded annually from the start of 2016. Please contact Trinity College for more details of The James Guest Memorial Jack Brockhoff Foundation Medical Scholarship.