Grassroots Capabilities

Grassroots Capabilities 

Supporting the core capacity and capability of grassroots organisations 

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation's Grassroots Capabilities Grants aim to support the capability and capacity of small (annual revenue under $500,000 in the FY22 year and beyond) vital grassroots organisations that provide critical services in two of JBF's strategic priority areas:

Thriving Children  

With a focus on breaking cycles, we invest in initiatives that support the first six years of a child’s life through early intervention and prevention. Our goal is to ensure that all children reach their full potential. 

Safe, Secure, Connected Communities  

With a focus on participation and connection, we invest in increasing access to secure housing and mental health support. Our aim is to ensure that Victorians, especially older Victorians, can remain connected and engaged with their families, friends, and communities. 

We provide one-off, flexible grants to meet the organisational and workforce needs of small grassroots organisations working in these areas. 

Grants of between $10,000 to $30,000 for one year only are available through an open grant round that will open from Thursday 8th August to Thursday 29 August.

The initiatives or projects that funds are sought for should be practical in nature and can be for a range of one-off, discrete needs such as equipment, online system improvement or staff and volunteer training and development.

Find out more about our grant guidelines and eligibility criteria to confirm you are eligible to apply. 

All prospective applicants should contact the Foundation at or 03 9006 1765 to discuss their funding need prior to submitting an application.