Children & Youth

OLD - CHILDREN+YOUTH - The Police and Citizens Youth Club, St Kilda

Program: Children & Youth

Years: 2018, 2019

Grant: $21,850


The Police and Citizens Youth Club, St Kilda

The Police and Citizens Youth Club provides accommodation for up to seven young adults who have been identified by the Salvation Army's Upton Road Accommodation and Learning Centre as showing a capacity and desire to live independently, but who still require a level of support to reach this goal. The PCYC house, at Inkerman Street, St. Kilda, has a kitchen, but no further space for congregation. It is proposed that a pod will be built to serve as a functional communal space for the residents to gather, cook, relax, learn life skills, and build relationships. The proposed pod will include a kitchen, laundry, dining/meeting table and lounge. The pod, measuring approximately 4 x 7m will be manufactured off site and transported to the property and then fitted out on site.

The project is to be managed by a collaborative partnership of RMIT University Project Management students under the guidance of SEMZ Property Advisory and Project Management. SEMZ have also communicated the project to their network and multiple additional parties have pledged their support - in both cash and in kind.