Children & Youth

2023 - CHILDREN+YOUTH - Ballarat Young Carer Employment (BYCE) project

Program: Children & Youth

Years: 2023

Grant: $50,000

Organisation: Little Dreamers Australia


Ballarat Young Carer Employment (BYCE) project

The Ballarat Young Carer Employment Program (BYCE) is an innovative solution that addresses the employment needs of Young Carers in Ballarat. BYCE supports those who have disengaged or are at risk of disengagement from education and employment due to their caring responsibilities, as well as Young Carers who require work to support their households.

BYCE takes a three-pronged approach:

  1. Easing caring pressures: Providing support to alleviate burdens and enable Young Carers to focus on education and employment goals.
  2. Building capacity and confidence: Nurturing aspirations, enhancing skills, and boosting confidence for pursuing employment opportunities.
  3. Creating carer-friendly jobs: Collaborating with employers to create flexible roles in industries experiencing workforce shortages, unlocking the potential of the Young Carer market.

BYCE employs strategies, offering a mix of one-on-one and group sessions delivered online and in-person. It also provides a specialised work preparedness program tailored to Young Carers' talents and interests. Through partnerships with employers in sectors such as service, care, logistics, and administration, BYCE creates Young Carer-friendly roles.

2023 - CHILDREN+YOUTH - Olivia’s Place Safety Check Upgrade

Program: Children & Youth

Years: 2023

Grant: $10,000

Organisation: Olivia's Place


Olivia’s Place Safety Check Upgrade

Olivia’s Place supports families through the Material Aid Program, which equips parents with items that may be hard to source for reasons of financial hardship but are necessary to support a family to get their best start in life and the new baby, a strong foundation for safe development.

Critical to providing material aid is the ability for staff and volunteers to access and monitor safety standards for the items being provided, more specifically, pre-loved items that are sourced or donated that need to be safety checked and sanitised prior to rehoming through the material aid program or Little Livvies Op Shop, including:

- cots,

- prams,

- car restraints,

- high chairs,

- bassinets,

- baby carriers, and

- change tables.

Olivia's Place required upgrading the current safety check process used to check sourced and donated goods, thereby building their capacity.

2023 - CHILDREN+YOUTH - Going Out and Living Successfully (GOALS)

Program: Children & Youth

Years: 2023

Grant: $50,000

Organisation: Berry Street Victoria


Going Out and Living Successfully (GOALS)

The Berry Street GOALS (Going Out and Living Successfully) program provides holistic and trauma-informed support to young people aged 16 to 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Addressing a critical gap in services, GOALS specifically focuses on young individuals who often find themselves without support as they transition into adulthood, commonly referred to as 'aging out' of the system. Through a range of comprehensive services, this program aims to prevent youth homelessness, equip young people with essential life skills, and guide them towards a secure and independent future.

The GOALS program aims to support young people in their journey towards stability and self-sufficiency. By providing safe, secure, and supported temporary accommodation, it offers a crucial lifeline for those experiencing homelessness. Additionally, the program focuses on promoting education, training, and employment opportunities, empowering young individuals to build a foundation for their future success.

One of the primary objectives of the GOALS program is to ensure young people can transition into safe, secure, and sustainable long-term housing. The GOALS program provides support, including assistance with finding appropriate housing options and navigating the complexities of the housing system. This transition plays a vital role in breaking the cycle of homelessness and providing young individuals with a solid foundation from which they can thrive and reach their full potential.

2023 - CHILDREN+YOUTH - Mentor Program Qualifications 2024

Program: Children & Youth

Years: 2023

Grant: $16,400

Organisation: Cottage By The Sea Queenscliff Inc.


Mentor Program Qualifications 2024

Cottage by the Sea Mentor Program Qualifications offers comprehensive training and qualifications program for Mentor participants across various year groups. Designed to empower young adults, this program equips them with the skills and certifications needed for success in education, training, and employment. Participants undergo accredited training in food handling (Year 8), Level II first aid (Year 9), barista skills (Year 10), and responsible alcohol serving (Year 11/12). These qualifications provide valuable opportunities for part-time work while in school or university. With a focus on support and communication, Cottage by the Sea monitors participants progress, ensures necessary assistance, and maintains close contact with parents and employers. This program aims to provide these young participants with the tools they need to thrive and gain valuable independence.