Strategic Overview

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation draws on income from a perpetual fund to resource projects, people and infrastructure in Victoria. 

It grants funds in response to need and opportunity to build social capital, and to address ill-health, disadvantage, vulnerability and inequality to improve the overall wellbeing of community in Victoria.

It makes grants each year in three main granting areas.

Grants are almost always for a period of 12 months only.

There are specific criteria for judgements in the three main granting areas : Children & Youth; Medical; Community.

However, all applications will be assessed in respect of five common criteria:

  1. Impact of the work. Impact is assessed on the basis of the magnitude of the benefit to individuals and the number of individuals affected.
  2. Capabilities of the applicant to carry out the work proposed.
  3. Potential of the work to influence practice beyond the organization in which it is conducted. For instance, by being a visible exemplar in its sector and/or providing a proof of concept of relevance to public policy deliberations.
  4. Quality of responses to questions posed in the relevant Application Form.
  5. Evidence of a desire to demonstrate to The Jack Brockhoff Foundation the impact of the work.

Please consider how your application will meet these criteria as you prepare your application.