The Foundation can only consider applications from organisations that are registered by the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission www.acnc.gov.au and endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR1) by the Australian Taxation Office www.ato.gov.au.

If your organisation is not registered with the ACNC and endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient 1 it is not eligible to make an application to The Jack Brockhoff Foundation, unless your organisation is a Victorian Public Hospital or a Special School. If your organisation is a Victorian Public Hospital or a Victorian Special School, please contact the office to discuss eligibility.

Unfortunately, the Foundation is not able to advise applicants regarding their GST exposure. Please refer to the new GST ruling on grants – GSTR 2012/2 issued on 30 May 2012 by the ATO.

New policy for large institutions

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation will not support applications from individuals working in institutions that apply an additional impost on the recipient of a grant, either by way of a portion of the grant sum being removed for institutional administration purposes, or by the levying of additional institutional administration purposes, or by the levying of additional institutional costs to the recipient because of them receiving a grant from the Foundation.

In general, the Foundation will not fund the following:

  • A project designed to benefit a single person or individual family
  • Programs undertaken outside of Victoria
  • Programs which duplicate existing Government programs
  • Capital works on land not owned by the applicant organisation
  • Office equipment, including computers hardware and software
  • Vehicles, including buses, trucks, vans, etc.
  • Operating expenses (rent of premises, outgoings, etc.)
  • Funding of an operating deficit
  • Travel or transport costs
  • General fund raising campaigns or special events
  • Annual appeals
  • Programs / projects offered for the exclusive benefit of a religious or political group
  • Conservation
  • General contributions to the corpus of another grantmaking organisation

Click here to see Key Words that guide the Foundation’s decisions about Granting

The Foundation prefers to receive only one grant application from each organisation for the Children & Youth and Community Grants.  Host institutions for the Medical Early Career Research Grants may submit up to two applications.  Large organisations should first determine their own funding priorities before submitting a grant application to the Foundation.

Declined Requests

The value of requests made of the Foundation always exceeds its available funds. Therefore, the Foundation is unable to support many very worthwhile projects.  Sometimes but not always, the Foundation asks that an application be resubmitted for consideration at the next round of grant decisions, perhaps with additional material in support of the application.

Organisations which receive a grant from the Foundation must acquit the grant received using the relevant Grant Acquittal Report template before applying for another grant.